Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Our Glasgow Flat

by Bex

Before I show you the pictures of our move, including the flat being packed up and emptied, I thought I'd share some more of it as it was.  I've shared the kitchen and study before in great detail (as two of my favourite rooms) and often the living room all decorated for Christmas or Halloween but not much of the rest of the flat.  We really loved our Glasgow flat, it was an awesome old tenement with huge amounts of space and we got it for a great price!  It has gorgeous features such as high ceilings, ornate cornicing, ceiling roses, a fireplace (albeit not functional but it was pretty and I loved decorating it at Christmas and Halloween), a bay window and original floorboards.

As much as I will miss all those awesome features, it did have its downsides, especially as we're finally starting our family (and with two at once!).  The two flights of stairs were starting to get tricky as I got slower and slower getting up them!  The parking was starting to drive me nuts, I often didn't have problems parking outside but occasionally coming home late in the car meant parking far away - another issue made worse by sore hips and pregnancy.

The garden was shared and down 2 flights of stairs.  I would always pack a bag if I planned to go and sit out in the sun (book, snacks, drink, towel to sit/lie on, phone, sunglasses, etc...) so I wouldn't have to run up and down stairs for anything, I may as well have gone to a local park for all I carted down there with me!  Plus, it was starting to get taken over with all the fruit & veg our neighbours were planting.  Not usually a problem and they were usually very considerate and were happy to share it but I was a bit annoyed when they decided to dig up quite a large part of the lawn to plant a raised bed!  It's not that big a garden and the part they chose to dig up was where I liked to sit as it had the sun most due to various shading from trees missing the area (probably why they chose it for growing things)!  It wasn't as private as it used to be either since our neighbours decided to chop down ALL the plants, trees and bushes (including a couple which we think were technically on our side of the short fence!) one day with no warning, leaving our pretty little haven bare and exposed.  It just wasn't the same anymore.

Moving to a house with a driveway, garage and garden came at the perfect time really!  Despite the stress and extra worry when having to move so far during a twin pregnancy but I'm sure I'll moan about that in another post!  ;)

Having said all that, we will miss our flat after 6 years there including some very special times.  Here are a few photos of it we took for the sale before it all got packed up...

I have been dying to redecorate the bedroom for years now as the furniture is all a bit mismatched and not to my taste anymore as it was collected over many years from various flats.  I can't wait to be able to design a few rooms in the new house from scratch like we did with our bathroom and study in the Glasgow flat.  Watch this space for more info on our new home and lots of pictures to come of it all as I get to add my design ideas to the new place :)

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Dame Zandra Rhodes bedding collection

by Roz

Last week colourful style icon Dame Zandra Rhodes launched her new collection of amazing bed linen at Sterling Furniture in Glasgow's East End, which just happens to be Scotland's largest furniture superstore.  I was invited along by Palompo PR and Bex was gutted to miss it.

The new bed linen collection features three bright collections, Milo, Vader and Juno, all of which I liked.  When I received the invite it felt like perfect timing as most of the rooms in the Forever House are now painted and we're in need of some stunning bedding to complete the rooms.  Dame Zandra introduced the collection and told us she loved working with fabrics, as opposed to always working with clothes and that she was excited about this range as she believes a set of bed sheets can truly transform a room.

The Vader print is a splash-painted design with a dot painted reverse in a dazzling colour spectrum. Zandra explained that this design actually came about by accident as she was simply testing colours on her sketch pad and noticed a distinctive pattern!  

Press photo

Juno has giant flowers in the brightest of colours from yellow and turquoise to orange and purple.  I'm not usually a big fan of florals but there was something about the design I loved.

Press photo

The last collection, Milo is my favourite.  Initially it looks the plainest of the three with large grey outlines of flowers, and more subtle colours (including some olive green for you Bex!)...

Press photo

...but when you pull back the duvet to climb in to bed....

...the striped underside and sheet are revealed.  I think this would look fabulous in a lovely grey bedroom (all three would) and I really wanted to buy a set for our bedroom but they only went up to king size and we have gone with a superking.  Can't beat a massive bed!

It's was interesting listening to Dame Zandra talk about her work and inspiration, she told us that she is always doodling in a sketch pad with felt tip pens and is inspired by her friends and holidaying in new places.  She tries to keep one of everything she's ever made!  That must be one colourful collection!!

As you could probably guess, Dame Zandra has a very colourful house and she spoke about the rainbow of colours colours on her floor in her London home.  Initially it was drawn on with chalk and painted but the paint didn't very wear well.  The original design is still there but is now done with Amtico tiles.  Sounds amazing!

One of the final questions Dame Zandra took from the crowd asked what she was most proud of in her career, I loved her answer.  She laughed and said she was proud that she was still going but then added that she felt genuinely lucky, that she loves her work and looks forward to doing it.

Press photo

The new Zandra Rhodes bed linen collection is available from Sterling Furniture Homestores in Glasgow, Tillicoultry and Aberdeen and online at  The range is available in Single (£25), Double (£40) and King (£45) sizes.  Do let me know if you like the collection and which piece is your favourite?

Roz xx

Monday, 15 September 2014

Maternity Shoot with Lauren McGlynn

by Bex

As you know, before we left Glasgow we managed to squeeze in a maternity photo shoot when Nik wasn't working.  On what turned out to be the only rainy evening of that particular couple of weeks, typical!!!  As we were paying for this shoot and I was really hoping for an amazing shot of us amongst the trees (a photo I always regretted not getting on our wedding day - we do have a screen grab from our wedding video which I love but it's not suitable for printing), I put in extra effort for this (our first family portrait!) session.  I booked Shannon (my wedding make-up artist and friend) to do my make-up and got my hair blow dried at my hairdresser, Kano.

You can imagine my distress when the rain started as soon as we arrived at the park causing my nice sleek bob to rapidly turn into frizz despite being prepared for 'light showers' with a brolly!  Ugh, light showers they were not!  Anyway, I had an emergency hairband so had to tie it back to prevent it ruining the photos for me as all I would see is frizz!  I wish I'd just had it put up with a gallon of hairspray instead.  Luckily Lauren is a photographic genius so I wasn't worried about the rain ruining the shots, just my hair!  All photos below by Lauren McGlynn Photography.

(Coats and brollies hidden just out of shot!  We were quite sheltered by the trees here.)

We still had a lot of fun wandering round the park and it gave us the opportunity to use my fab rainbow brolly (bought in case of rain on our wedding day and will go perfectly in our nursery where I plan to put one of the photos).

By the duck pond you can see just how much it was raining...

And my dress got soaked (especially at the bottom)...

But Nik kept making me laugh and Lauren kept working her magic...

And right at the end, the rain stopped and some beautiful light appeared as the sun was getting low in the sky...

A few more favourites as I just love so many...

Then it all got a bit too chilly and I was tired so we headed home :)

Thank you so much Lauren, we love the photos!  I'm having trouble choosing which ones to print!!

You can book a family portrait session like we did with Lauren for £200 which includes up to 2 hour photo shoot at a location of your choice and 50+ high resolution images with a personal use license.  This is not a sponsored post, I just love Lauren's work and highly recommend her!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

The day of 'Wasp Tutu' nightmares

by Bex

You may well have seen this horrendous episode unfold on Instagram and Twitter this morning as we discovered dozens of dead wasps in our attic!  Urgh!

It was all the more creepy as we'd just been up there days earlier (and a few times before that) and never noticed any buzzing, no wasps and no sign of the infestation that was apparently hiding there!  The first we knew of it was when the building inspector came round to check if the wall we want to partially knock down is load bearing or not (it is, bugger).  He was checking out the attic and opened the hatch with me standing behind me and about 10 dead wasps fell down on top of him!  Aaaarrrrggghhh, so glad it wasn't me, there would have been screams!  At least they were dead!!

So the mystery was, where did they come from, why did they die and where were they just 3 days before?!  The building man went up to check his joists or whatever and reported back down that there were a lot more dead wasps on the attic floor!  He even offered to sweep them up for us, bless him!  (Everyone around here is so lovely!)  Mum was happy to deal with the wasps so we let him just carry on with what he was here to do.  Our only idea of what might have happened was that next door had a nest dealt with and the wasps tried to escape and came to our house and died?!  What worried me most was whether something here had poisoned them that might be unhealthy for us or possibly even deadly for the babies?!

Once he was done, Mum went up with a broom and dustpan and started sweeping them up out of the way, we certainly didn't want dead wasps crunching under foot as we put more stuff up there out of the way as we're getting on with sorting stuff out!  I of course passed her up my iPhone for some photos (luckily pregnancy is the perfect excuse to not be climbing attic ladders as there was no way I fancied going up there!) and then contacted the council pest department (after horrified tweets, etc. of course).  The tutu I made for the AOW hen do is full of them!!  :(

The woman at the council was lovely and seems convinced there must be a nest up there and as it's autumn and it has gotten slightly cooler the last couple of days, the wasps have just died off.  She said as there may still be a nest and queen alive up there, they would recommend getting Rentokil out to fumigate (I've to ask them about whether I need to leave for a while due to the twins as she wasn't sure if it would be dangerous or not.) and check it out.  The council contact them on our behalf  so now I'm just waiting for Rentokil to get in touch for payment (£39.50 apparently) and to arrange a time to come.

As I've been writing this, Rentokil have phoned and as we haven't seen an entry point or found a nest they can't do anything, they need to spray a specific area so we'll have to try and have a proper look for the source of all the dead bugs!!  She said they wouldn't have come from another place that's been treated as they'd stay close to the nest, they've probably just started dying as it's coming into Autumn.  I really hope we find the nest and get this dealt with before the babies arrive as no doubt come summer these little stripy buggers will be back in full force!!

There are still about a dozen live wasps buzzing around the strip light up there and Mum has left my tutu for now as she could see some amongst the tulle were still alive and wanting to obviously avoid stings, we're waiting for them to die before fishing them all out!  (Not convinced I can ever wear it again after that sight though!)   *Shudder*  It was only up there temporarily out of the way until I boxed it properly with the other Halloween items you can just see (the candelabra and lantern).  Typical!

My gorgeous homemade tutu before the wasps died in it!!

Nik doesn't even know about this yet as he's in theatre today so he'll probably see this blog email before he comes home!  Hi Love, fancy clearing out my tutu of wasps for me??  ;)

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Pregnancy update - week 28!

by Bex

Wowser, it's been a while since I have done one of these, I even missed the 6 months milestone!  Oh and I have to finish writing about our 3D scan!!  It's obviously all just been a bit busy at the moment and finding time to blog hasn't been a priority.  Being without internet for a week didn't help either!  I'm surprised I survived!  Haha, I am kidding, promise!  (Only because I had my phone to do mini blogs on instagram!!)  I will soon be back with lots of posts about the nursery, new house in general, the move itself and more pregnancy related posts!

How far along: 28 weeks

Size comparison: Aubergines

Weight gain: I haven't found the scales yet (still lots of boxes to get through!) but I expect it is +++ by now!  I'll come back and update this when the scales are unpacked.

Cravings: Nothing really but I am MUCH hungrier these days, especially in the mornings!  (i.e. ALL morning!)

Symptoms: Still sore hips but I've probably been doing a bit too much since stopping work as it all got a bit hectic trying to get organised for the move!  My bump is now feeling pretty massive and is causing me to wake a lot in the night due to discomfort or needing to turn over in a very undignified, convoluted manner!  I really struggle to get socks on and do up laces now so tend to try to wear flip flops unless I need more support/warmer feet, then I get either Nik or Mum to help if they're about.  I've also had to buy a couple of bigger bras again and although my super comfy size 16 over-bump Mothercare jeans are still fitting exactly the same everywhere else, the bump band is getting awfully tight so I managed to find some looser ones which fit in the H&M sale (size 20 as it's H&M!).  Update: turns out they maybe don't fit all that well as they fall down a lot so I'm constantly pulling them up but they are much more comfortable on the bump!

The old jeans which get too tight over the bump these days

Things for babies: Mum has now arrived from Saudi and will be staying until after the babies are born.  It will be a massive help as I struggle more and more to look after myself and am getting tired much more often than before.  She also turned up with a whole suitcase of things for the twins!  I haven't been allowed to see everything yet but the things she keeps producing from it so far have all been adorable!

I'm so excited that Bex has offered to crochet things for the twins too as I suck at crochet (Diana tried to teach me but I just have no patience for it I'm afraid, it's a craft that just escapes my passion) but have seen lots of lovely things on Pinterest which I love for the babies!

Left: Image Source, Right: Image Source both via Pinterest

On our first day out in Tunbridge Wells recently Mum and I had a quick look in H&M (fast becoming my favourite place for baby clothes as well as maternity wear) and when she saw the adorable bear dungarees I'd bought for Megan, convinced me we should own a pair too so we bought them for our son and a denim dress for our daughter (the only matching, yet not identical, outfit I have bought for the twins).  They're going to look SO cute in them!!

 Both H&M

Now we're finally down in the house, we can start ordering the big (important) stuff like the co-sleeper, cots, buggy and car seats.  Watch this space for an influx of baby related purchases very soon!

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